My opinion might seem biased because i love TW games, but i had no problems playing the game, my brother and i started a multiplayer campaign and had no problems on load time, maybe you just have to be patient instead of complaining about AI taking its turn, heck some players might take even longer turns due to having… » 9/04/13 3:43pm 9/04/13 3:43pm

Exactly what i was thinking.. Just like how they made RMAH in order to make profit from bots instead of getting rid of them,.. this seems to me like a way for them to have total control of their profits and not let a single penny leave there sight XD, i mean.. dont u have enough money from WOW.. gimme Warcraft 4!!!!! » 6/20/12 4:55pm 6/20/12 4:55pm

I see the video pretty much tells the story for Birth by Sleep and not so much about the console KH 1 & 2.. the story is a bit strange but its not hard to comprehend if u listen. All you gotta know is "One Who Knows Nothing, Can Understand Nothing." XD » 6/02/12 3:43pm 6/02/12 3:43pm

Magic the Gathering stopped being cool when u were able to summon a 5/5 creature with 2 mana.. back in the day.. it was at least 6 mana to summon something that strong.. no skill required now.. especially with.. "Planeswalkers" .. i mean.. how more cheating is it by adding "another player" into a 1vs 1 fight XD.. its… » 5/15/12 5:26pm 5/15/12 5:26pm

@MentionedTenderly: hahaha what?! Are u looking at the same shop as me? I think PS3 Shop is waaay easier to maneuver than xbox.. On the PSN u get all ur content in one convenient shop.. If u want new releases click on new releases, if u want themes and whatnot click on themes etc.. With xbox the things are all… » 12/02/10 3:07am 12/02/10 3:07am